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As people nowadays like to drink mineral water, there is an increasing demand of water dispensers like the Blue Star water dispenser. Most of the mineral water suppliers provide the 20 liter water jar which can be inverted on the water dispenser. While the mineral water is hygienic, there are some features which even the water dispenser should have to give you the perfect water solution.

The blue star water dispenser is the perfect choice along with mineral water for your water dispensing needs. The blue star water dispenser comes in three variants, with refrigerator, without refrigerator and the table top model. You can read the following article to know more about the types of blue star water dispenser.

Water dispensers are used for small offices with 15–20 employees. If you have more than 20 employees than we strongly recommend that you use our stainless steel water coolers. With mineral water increasing in demand, Water dispensers are the best choice for companies and individuals.

The water dispenser comes with Hot and Cold taps. The hot tap gives water up to 90 degrees which can be used for making tea and coffee as well as for miscellaneous use. The cold tap on the other hand gives water up to 12 degrees.

There are three types of water dispensers with Blue Star. These include the table top water dispenser, the water dispenser without refrigerator and the water dispenser with refrigerator. You can click on the link given to know about each type of water dispenser.




Table top

3 tap – Hot, plain and cold


Normal Standing

3 tap – Hot, plain and cold


With refrigerator

3 tap – Hot, plain and cold


Bottom loading (Black)

3 tap – Hot, plain and cold


Bottom loading (Silver)

3 tap – Hot, plain and cold


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The blue star water dispenser is known for its high quality as well as its service and dealer network. These water dispensers are available across Mumbai and we have a very strong service network to support the same.

Most of our water dispensers come in Hot and cold format wherein the hot tap can be switched off and converted to a plain tap. This also saves electricity. Thus, the water dispensers can be used as Plain and cold dispensers instead of Hot and cold.

Below are three types of water dispenser in Blue Star

The G series Blue Star water dispenser

Blue Star water dispenser - G series

The E series Blue Star water dispenser

Blue Star water dispenser - E series

Bottom loading water dispenser

Blue Star water dispenser - Bottom loading

Features of Water Dispenser

  • Spill proof bottle holder
  • Conveniently removable drip tray
  • Long lasting plastic front panel and faucets
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • LED’s to indicate primary function
  • Value for money

All Blue star water dispensers have a hot and a cold temperature tap. Both of these taps can be switched on and off as you wish. The water dispenser is made up of food grade and durable plastic for long term use with the piercer and bottle holder are made of tough plastic so that they do not break when the bottle is inverted. Blue star water dispensers consume very low power and have a very quiet operation.

Service and warranty

All the Water dispensers from Blue Star have 1 year compressor warranty. But all plastic parts like Tap and other external parts are not covered under warranty. Blue Star always has stock of spare parts so repair is not an issue. Blue Star also has many Service franchise’s pan India and the toll free number is 18002091177. Thus, when choosing a Blue Star product, you need not worry about service.

Hot and cold water dispenser

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